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While you may be eager to jump right in to your first Spectra Chrome project, perfecting your technique on tiles first will lend a tremendous benefit to every project you undertake – now and into the future. The purchase of a couple dozen ceramic rope tiles from any home improvement center is the best investment you can make toward perfecting your spray-on chrome skills; allowing you to get familiar with spraying Spectra Chrome on a non-critical workpiece.

Another great advantage of learning on practice tiles is that they can become your first point-of-sale marketing display. Simply mount them in a tray or holder, so you can easily show new clients the reflective colors of chrome you can apply to any surface.


It makes good sense to master the process on tiles before going on to larger, more complex parts. Ceramic rope tiles are small, and therefore use up very little chemistry when coating them; as you improve your technique and take control of the five important parameters described earlier. If, for any reason, the finish on your practice tiles is not perfect, just soak them in lacquer thinner overnight to remove the finish; and use them over again.

Remember, if your tiles do not come out perfect, most likely larger parts will not either. Please call our tech support number and allow our experts to help you.


Even after you get the tiles perfect and move on to production pieces, tiles will still be a part of your normal spray operation – by serving as a systems check. Here at Spectra Chrome, we always basecoat some tiles each time a production piece is basecoated. The next day, when the basecoat is dry, we silver a tile first to make sure that the five important parameters are in check. If your test tile does not look right, you will have an opportunity to adjust your five important parameters before you attempt your production piece.

When the silver looks good on the test tile, it is time to metal spray the production piece.

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